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Communicate with your baby through touch

Baby Massage is one of the most intimate and fulfilling ways of nurturing and will give you greater confidence handling your baby.

It has been proven that touch is incredibly important in infant development. Studies in France and America have shown that children who grow up in a tactile environment, particularly where massage has been introduced as babies, grow up to be calmer, less aggressive adults.

Among its many benefits, Baby Massage encourages growth and development; improves muscle co-ordination and flexibility; helps digestion, easing wind, constipation and colic; improves circulation and boosts the immune system; promotes relaxation and improves sleep patterns.

The classes
I hold several classes throughout the week. Please contact me for the current times. They are small, friendly classes - maximum 7 babies - and as well as all the above benefits, they offer new parents a chance to meet other people in the same boat. The classes last about an hour, although the massage itself is usually only about half that. Over a course of 6 classes, you will learn a simple massage sequence that you can work into your own routine at home. I also show you some reflexology points that you can use at home if your baby is teething or constipated etc. For the massage we use organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil, which is completely pure and not blended with anything.

A course of 6 classes costs just £45, including a bottle of oil.

For more details, please call me, Sandie Kirk on 01883.371971

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